VAT and Duty Explanation

All countries within the European Union as well as the U.K. now charge a VAT (value added tax) and duties for any merchandise imported into the country. If your order is being shipped into any of those countries, please note that the package will be held at your local post office for pickup. At the time of pickup you will be required to pay the VAT and any duties associated with the purchase. Each country has varying taxes and fees so please make sure to be aware of that prior to placing the order. We do not currently collect these fees when you place the order simply because the laws surrounding the VAT and Duties have become too complex and costly for a small business like mine to keep track of. The customer is responsible for paying the VAT and Duties. If you choose not to pick up the package, or refuse it, or it is otherwise returned to our shop – you will not be eligible for a refund and we will need to charge full shipping costs again in order to re-ship your package. Your package may take a bit longer to receive as it gets processed through your country’s customs department, so please be patient. We are not able to speed up that process unfortunately. Please keep checking your tracking link to see when it is ready for pickup and for more information regarding that.

U.K. customers should also note there is an order minimum due to new import laws into your country. More info here.