U.K. Order Minimum

In the U.K. the import laws have become very complex for a small business like mine to keep up with. There are only two ways we are still able to ship orders into the U.K.:

Option1: If the total value of the items ordered is over $200 then we are allowed to ship to you without collecting the VAT and Duties when you place the order. Larger companies would charge you this in advance and have their accounting team file all the proper paperwork monthly and quarterly, but since I am a one man shop – this just isn’t possible.

This means two things for you – your package will be held for pickup at your local post office, and you will be required to pay the full VAT and import duties at the time of pickup. Any order under $200 in item value we will automatically hold and then cancel within a week or so. We would rather this not be the case – but these are the new laws and we have to follow them!

Option2: You may choose to find a ‘package forwarding service’ of your choice and we can ship to them (they handle the duty fees etc). You can use google to find one within the U.S. then follow their instructions for having packages sent to them. They typically charge a small fee plus the VAT and duties.

More U.K. VAT and Duty information for your order can be found here.