Woodworking Project Tutorials

Join me in my adventurous attempts in woodworking with this selection of tutorials. While I am no expert with wood, I do manage to work my way through many of the challenges you will encounter when creating functional pieces. In each tutorial I go into detail with every step, and offer advice on how to steer clear of mistakes I’ve made.

How to Make a Workbench

This simple weekend build shows how to make a workbench for any craft.

How to Make a Picnic Table

This tutorial shows that even a beginner can build a sturdy picnic table . Cut list included.

How to Make a Small Drawer

Follow me as I build this computer stand/drawer and make a few mistakes along the way!

How to Make a Cutting Board

Wood slab cutting boards are easy to make and require no glue or chemicals.

Bar Stool Tutorial

Stools are tricky business, making this one took some effort and I’ll show you every step along the way.

Plywood Shop Walls Tutorial

While not the most interesting of tutorials, I do offer advice on how to cut plywood for walls.