Leather Project Tutorials

Follow along as I describe how to make several different types of leather goods. Each tutorial contains detailed photographs of every single step. When you are done – you’ll have something useful to use or give away as a gift!

How to Make a Leather Wallet

Learn how to template, cut, stitch and finish a simple card wallet.

How to Make a Knife Sheath

A great detailed tutorial on making a sheath with a retaining strap.

How to Make a Leather Holster

An intro lesson on building a holster that even a beginner can complete.

How to Make a Leather Belt

From sizing to cutting and edging the leather, all the steps are here to make a leather belt.

How to Make Leather Moccasins

A three part series detailing how to make sheepskin lined leather moccasins. Every step is photographed.

How to Make an Axe Sheath

This in-depth tutorial features every step needed to build a professional leather axe sheath.

How to Make a Leather Keychain

A triple layer leather keychain with hardware sewn in on both ends.