The following leather goods tutorials were created to accommodate the beginner through the more experienced user.  Based on over a decade of experience in my workshop, I have created these specific tutorials to teach a wide range of skills. All of the steps involved in making these pieces are detailed from start to finish as well as a few secrets and Pro Tips along the way.

Simple Card Wallet


Learn how to template, cut, stitch and finish a simple card wallet. A great project for beginner leatherworkers.

Leather Holster OWB


A step by step video series showing you how to make a holster for a perfect fit. Includes pattern making, construction, wet forming and two styles of finishing.

Knife Sheath with Strap


A great detailed tutorial on making a sheath with a retaining strap to fit a fixed blade knife.

Western Leather Holster


An intro lesson on building a very simple folded holster that even a beginner can complete.

Simple Leather Belt


From sizing to cutting and edge prepping the leather, all the steps are here to make a simple leather belt.

Leather Moccasins


The most comprehensive moccasin tutorial that exists. Every single step is photographed and described in great detail.

Leather Axe Sheath


Build a slick looking leather axe sheath from scratch. Make it to fit your own axe.

Beginner’s Keychain


From sizing to cutting and edge prepping the leather, all the steps are here to make a simple leather belt.

Over A Decade of Experience

Learn practical leather skills from a dedicated leather craftsman who has been in the business for over a decade. Mr. Lentz has built his expertise in building and refining durable and classic leather goods. He will share with you tips, tricks and some of his own secret advice in the art of leather goods.


Below you will find a variety of leather craft skills that will help you build your knowledge and experience towards creating finer leather goods.

Thread a Needle for Saddle Stitching


The Saddle Stitch requires two needles, learn how to thread them properly for minimal friction.

How To Saddle Stitch Leather


Learn the steps of the basic Saddle Stitch. A two needle method that makes a strong bind.

Finishing The Saddle Stitch


Quick steps to finish sewing using the backstitch.

Thread A Heavy Duty Sewing Machine


Setting up the thread on heavy duty sewing machine.

How To Condition Leather


From sizing to cutting and edge prepping the leather, all the steps are here to make a simple leather belt.



Meet Your Instructor
Mr. Lentz

Over a decade ago in the dusty plains of central Colorado, I began the path of building this small leather goods business. As the years have passed, I have acquired very useful and practical leather working skills that I am more than happy to pass on to those who are looking to learn the trade. A lot of knowledge comes with running a successful leather goods business, and at the heart of it all - remains a deep understanding of how to work with leather, approach problems, and come up with simple and satisfying solutions. Let me pass on a bit that knowledge and advice to you and we can keep the beautiful artistry of leather craft alive.



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