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Aged Leather Holster

I do like experimenting with leather projects in my free time. Sometimes it can take... Read More


Work Bag for a Thursday Afternoon

Just messing around this afternoon on some construction techniques. I used a very heavy duty... Read More

Thick Leather Keychain

I build everything from the best leather and hardware I can find and this thick... Read More

New Passport Wallet and GIVEAWAY

UPDATE 9/12/15: WINNERS ANNOUNCED! Well – I picked 3 winners at random to select the... Read More


How to Condition A Leather Wallet

  I, Mr. Lentz, believe that high-quality leather deserves high-quality care. This is exactly why... Read More

Always Learning, Always Experimenting

When making things by hand, I find that there’s always a challenge to overcome. Usually... Read More

The Briefcase

The first briefcase out the door to a customer. Happy Trails. Now available in the... Read More

The Leather Crossbody Purse

Call me fashionably late, my good sense of timing revealed that I should probably put... Read More

12 Tons of Pressure

And I ain’t talkin’ about your partner wanting you to clean the dishes tonight. As... Read More

Custom Order Tuesday

The morning was upon me like a load of bricks. The sun had not  yet... Read More


Wallet, Cuff, Belt, Giftcard

First a bit of advice: Always drink upstream from the herd. Now for a bit... Read More


A Simple Belt

I was recently asked by my girlfriend to create something practical that any man would... Read More

Almost Lunch Time (Day 2)

A few days ago I came up with a design for a simple one-piece leather... Read More


Natural Leather Dyeing Results (Part 2)

My dye experiment turned black, started to bubble, and tried to kill me. Over the... Read More