The Snap Wallet will solve your daily card carrying needs by holding up to 10 cards or a bit less depending on how much cash you need to fit. The convenient back slot will hold two of those credit cards for easy access. Snap it shut, drop it in your front pocket and relish in the fact that you own a zero bulk wallet made from the highest grade materials. Have you ever owned a wallet made from Full Grain leather? See below to know what this means for you. I make this wallet entirely in my USA workshop and it'll ship with a free tin of my shop made natural leather conditioner.

What Is Full Grain Leather?

This is the uppermost layer of hide with the most compact and dense fiber structure of any style of leather. It is by far the strongest type of leather you can use, resistant to wear, abuse and stretch. Full grain leather far surpasses the longevity of lower grades common in store bought items like top grain, bonded, genuine and patent leathers. You'll notice the difference immediately when you watch how beautifully this wallet ages with time and use.

The Snap Wallet

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