The Trucker wallet allows you to easily store cash straight in your wallet without folding, as well as carry several cards and receipts. You’ll notice the cash section conveniently over-extends allowing for struggle-free cash insertion (see video above). Built to stand the test of time: the rivets are wear proof and don’t tear like conventional stitching and the Full Grain leather is the toughest you will ever experience. The chain attachment hardware is riveted in place and will never let go like grommets. Consider opting for the popular Chain B – a stainless steel chain that will never rust (ask me – I use them for outdoor gate latches near the shop). Entirely USA Made in my small workshop.

Make it a perfect gift by getting your name or initials branded in there. I ship every order with a free tin of my shop-made leather conditioner, it’ll keep this wallet chugging along for many many years.

What Is Full Grain Leather?

This is the uppermost layer of hide with the most compact and dense fiber structure of any style of leather. It is by far the strongest type of leather you can use, resistant to wear, abuse and stretch. Full grain leather far surpasses the longevity of lower grades common in store bought items like top grain, bonded, genuine and patent leathers. You'll notice the difference immediately when you watch how beautifully this wallet ages with time and use.

Leather Trucker Wallet

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