This thick leather belt was designed to outlast its owner. Each one is hand made per order from one single piece of U.S. Full Grain Leather that is slightly over 3/16" thick. That's more than three U.S. quarters! Yep, we aren't messing around here. The buckle end can unsnap allowing you to use your own belt buckle or upgrade at a later time. Two large solid brass snaps keep that buckle in place and the finish on them will match the buckle finish you select. The belt tip is also customizeable depending on your preference, see the image for details. Buckles are made from solid brass.

All leather belts come with a free tin of my own shop-made leather conditioner to help you keep it in great shape.

What Is Full Grain Leather?

This is the uppermost layer of hide with the most compact and dense fiber structure of any style of leather. It is by far the strongest type of leather you can use, resistant to wear, abuse and stretch. Full grain leather far surpasses the longevity of lower grades common in store bought items like top grain, bonded, genuine and patent leathers. You'll notice the difference immediately when you watch how beautifully this wallet ages with time and use.

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Earn up to 5 Cowboy Dollars.

Earn up to 5 Cowboy Dollars.