This leather holster for Glock Handguns is built in the Avenger style, helping to keep it snug against your hip. Each one is made to custom fit the exact Glock model and generation of gun that you own. It is worlds apart from the holsters you might find in larger retail shops. Mine are all made on a per order basis using the fines U.S. full grain leather and double stitched where it needs it most. The fit is very tight and they can be broken in to your preferred level of retention.

This product is no longer available as a custom built item. It is only be available for Glock 19 and Glock 17 models. Unfortunately I cannot take any custom requests or build it to suit any other Glock model, or any other brand of gun. Thanks!

Using a process developed over months of testing, this holster is wet formed to the specific Glock model you choose, baked into shape, and hot-wax hardened to a level of durability you have likely never seen in leather goods. It has a uniquely rigid feel while still being flexible and comfortable to wear. Most other manufacturers rely on a slim coat of clear acrylic to help temporarily stiffen a holster. That wears out fairly quickly and re-application is a tedious and costly process (typically the holster just gets chucked). By hot-wax hardening my line of holsters, the wax penetrates deep into the leather and creates an armor similar to that used in shields and protective gear during the middle ages. That fact plus the reinforcement panel keeps the mouth of the holster open wide for easy one-handed re-holstering. See my Durability video in the 'Video' tab below as I am unable to coerce the mouth closed with 90 lbs of force.

This OWB Glock holster is designed to stay tight and close on the hip by using the built in belt loop directly behind the frame of the weapon. I use the industry's best U.S. full grain leather (with the tightest fiber count high on the back of the hide). Featuring a full wet-formed sight channel and nicely finished edges. It'll fit very thick belts up to 1.5" wide (check out my current gun belts here).

By design, this holster comes with a built in 15 degree forward cant (also known as the FBI cant), and allows for a full combat grip while still in the holster. Great for carrying Glock models of any size. Please watch all the videos in the 'Video' tab below to get a good idea of what this holster is all about.

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Made in the U.S.A. Leather Wallets

You are supporting a true American small business. Our workshop was founded in the U.S. over a decade ago. We use the highest grade vegetable tanned leather from the top U.S. Tannery (over 150 years running), as well as buy our supplies from other U.S. businesses. We are proud to be known for our honest American quality.

Glock Leather Holster – Avenger Style



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Earn up to 7 Cowboy Dollars.

Earn up to 7 Cowboy Dollars.

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