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If you are giving an item as a gift, you may consider adding an extra touch by placing it in a Mr. Lentz branded gift box. These boxes are rigid, built from recycled kraft paper, and are stamped on the front with the logo and on the back with all of the info on our process. Included within the box is a free tin of our shop made leather conditioner.

Please purchase one box for each item you would like in a box. If you are ordering multiple items and need only certain items boxed, please write a detailed note in the comment box at checkout as to which items get the box.

The box will fit most items in the shop very well except for the following: Bags, Purses, Women's Wallets, Belts, Dog Gear, Trucker Wallet, Notebook Wallet, iPhone Wallets, Sunglass Case, Yoga Straps, Jailor's Keyring. A few items will fit, just barely but it still works: Passport wallets, some longer keyrings.

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