Currently I have placed the custom order option on hold indefinitely. If you would like to get on the waitlist for a custom order (should this listing become available again) you can sign up on this page. If I end up making this option available again you will be notified by email.

During certain times of the year I like to take on a few select custom orders. There are only 6 custom project slots available at any given time. If this listing is currently sold out - go ahead and click the button to join the waitlist to be email notified when a slot opens up again. I get so many requests every week - this is the only way to manage the process, still need to have time to do all the other things in the workshop too!


If you would like to submit a custom project request, I will be happy to take a look, please follow the directions below.


Purchase this listing to begin the process. After you complete this purchase, you will receive a separate email asking you to reply directly with your request.


If you decline the final quote, or I decline to take on your project, I will refund this purchase in full. The price of this listing represents the minimum project price I will quote for your request no matter how simple the project may seem. In many cases your final quote may increase depending on the complexity of the request submitted.


You are investing in an item made with the skills and experience that I have acquired in the past 10 years of working with leather. I will apply advanced leatherworking techniques and know-how to your project as well as research the best methods to build the item you are looking to have made.


- It may take a few business days or up to a week or more before I will be able to respond to your custom request. During that time I am researching materials pricing, techniques, and other details to give you a solid quote. So just hold yer horses and I'll get back to you when I can.

- Even though there are 6 slots available, I can only respond to your request as my time frees up. It's on a first come first serve basis.

- Custom work is generally not a very profitable undertaking for any leather workshop, including mine. The entire design process can take days worth of work and several times the amount of materials as the prototype is developed and tweaked. I don't like to ship out experimental works of art!

- Using materials different from what my shop currently uses will significantly increase the cost. Typically leather needs to be bought as a 'side' or around 24 sq. ft. at a time...and good quality U.S. leather ain't cheap!

- Requesting custom color dyes and other chemical finishes will also significantly increase the cost, or I may decline the project because of it. I work with leather every day and so far have gotten by without using chemicals.

- I cannot accept any custom orders for items that are custom fit to your body, sorry!

Custom Project Request



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