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A well built leather sheath will last you a good part of your lifetime. The ones I make are custom fit to the item you select (soon I will accept mail-ins of your specific knife or other personal items). I use a complicated wet forming process (check out how I do it here) that molds the leather around the knife or other item into the exact shape. It fits like a glove and stays tight on your hip. Using thick U.S.full grain leather this piece is built over several days and finished off by hand dipping into a hot vat of natural wax. It's weatherproof and it'll take a beating. Pass it on as an heirloom item to your family! Right now you can select from the generic items I can form the sheath to fit. In the future - once the pandemic has calmed down, I will begin accepting your specific items to be mailed to me and custom fit. If you'd like to send in your personal item, you can select 'custom' from the dropdown and join the waitlist. Once I make the custom item available, you will receive an email letting you know.


- For more info on the items I have that I can currently form sheaths to and a link to purchase those items, tools or knives, please see the 'Specs' Tab below.

- I am open to purchasing a custom item for your sheath, then sending that item to you with the sheath. You will need to pay in advance for the item plus an additional $10. Get in touch here if you would like to go that route.

- If you own your own item/knife and would like to send it to me, this is possible, but we will need to wait until the pandemic cools down first. For now, select 'Custom Item' and signup on the waitlist using the button that appears. I will email you once we can start making those styles.

- Your item will be a bit easier to remove than the one shown in the video! I have adjusted my technique to allow just a hair more space.

- This item may take an additional 1 to 3 weeks to make depending on the time of year and current backlog.

Custom Fit Sheath

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