How to Ship to the E.U. and U.K.

Many of my customers are located in the E.U. and U.K. I am able to ship to them using what is called a ‘Package Forwarding Service’. This service accepts your package at their warehouse in the U.S. and then will forward the package on to you. All Duties, Taxes and VAT are usually pre-paid and charged to your account with them.

An example of a popular forwarding service my customers use is:

Planet Express

(The above is only one option of many though, so please do your own research to find which company you are comfortable with).

You can set up an account with them, or any other forwarding service of your choice. Then we will ship direct to the warehouse address you provide. It is an easy and seamless service. Please note that we can only insure packages until they reach the address provided within the U.S. All deliveries into foreign countries are not insured or guaranteed by us, and we cannot offer refunds or exchanges on orders of this type.