Personalize your Mr. Lentz leather purchase with a custom stamped or branded name or initials, or even a word. Every leather item in the Mr. Lentz shop can be personalized with stamped or branded letters and certain symbols. The most popular option for stamping/branding is using just two to three letters for the initials of the person the order is for. It’s a great idea for those giving wallets and other leather goods as a gift.

***All stampings or brandings will go right above the numbers on wallets and accessories.
***Briefcases + messenger bags + clutches and other bags it will be placed on a small tag and riveted to the body (if you want specific placement please email me first through the contact form), toiletry kits – on the handle.


– In the text box for either “Stamped” or “Branded” enter up to the maximum characters shown of your choice or any of these symbols:  . ( ) – + = / & ! ? ” ” : * > < # @ $ ♥  The addon charge will automatically be added to your cart when you hit the ‘Add to Cart’ button. Please do not leave any other notes, as Mr. Lentz cannot accept customization at this point, and it may delay the process.

This process uses cold hammering to impress the letters into the leather.

In true cowboy style – your initials or name can be burnt into the leather creating a sharp and very stylish addition. A branding iron is heated to over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, then the leather is impressed until a nice rich, dark brown brand occurs.


– All letters are UPPERCASE, sorry we do not have lowercase type
– Currently I can only stamp/brand on one line
– The stamp/brand will be surrounded by a diamond mark on each end as shown in the photos
– The location of the stamp/brand is relative to each item, but for all wallets – they will be made right above the stamped numbers