Leather Gun Holsters for Glock Handguns

The holsters listed below are all wet-formed to your exact model of Glock handgun. They feature double stitching where it counts and tight stitch lines that lay close to the gun for a snug long-term fit. They have all been hot-wax hardened for a lifetime of heavy use, durability and weatherproofing.


The Avenger Style has three retention options including Thumb Break with retention strap, Tension screw for an adjustable fit, and basic. It is built to fit your exact model of Glock handgun and is formed for a nice snug fit. This holster is hot wax hardened, making it nearly as strong as armor itself. Designed to ride close on the hip and with a standard FBI forward cant, comfort and ease of use is the main draw.

At the end of the day when you’ve safely stored your gun holster, you might consider swapping it out for this beer holster. It keeps that bottle within safe reach at all times and frees up the hands if you need to tend to the barbecue. Made from my extra thick U.S. Full Grain belt leather, and fits most 12oz bottles.

Leather Gun Belts

The most durable, U.S. made leather gun belt you will ever come across. Choose from a variety of customizable options including single layer, stitched double layer, steel core reinforced and more. View all styles on this page here.

Other Parts

These black plastic snap protectors come installed standard on all of our Thumb Break holsters. If you are a maker yourself and need a supply, I offer them as a 20 pack purchased direct from our shop. They snap into the backing of line 24 snaps to prevent scratching the gun on the back side of straps. Simply push or tap with a mallet into place.

Two full sets of my thumb break hardware so you can install a thumb break strap on your holster and have a few extra pieces just in case. Snap and Rivet hardware are all solid brass with a nickel finish.

One full set of the hardware needed to install a tension screw in your holster. This includes two sizes of stainless steel screw and two sizes of rubber washers.

The Slim Bag helps to break in a newer holster. If your leather holster is a bit tight – you can slide this over the muzzle then into the holster overnight. It create a micro adjustment.