Measure Your Belt Size In 3 Steps

Here at Mr. Lentz Leather Goods we custom cut every leather belt to the size requested by our customers. This means that it is important to give an accurate size based on measuring an actual belt you own. It’s simple, takes about 1 minute and will get you a nicely fitting belt when your new one arrives.

First – What Not To Do

  • Don’t use your waist size
  • Don’t use your pant size
  • Don’t guess or base it off a previous order

Instead – Do This:

Put on a belt you already own. Something you are comfortable with. Tighten it to the size setting you use most often. Personally I wear mine most of the day at one comfortable setting, then when I take my dog out for a run I will tighten it by one setting. In this case – I would put my belt on the setting used for most of the day. Take Note of which hole setting this is and remove your belt.

Place the belt on a table and get a tape measure. Place the start of the tape measure at the very tip of the buckle and measure all the way to your favorite hole setting that you noted earlier. Most used belts will have a natural curve to them as they form to your hips – so try to straighten it out as much as possible, but don’t worry if it still curves a bit while measuring.

Once you have the length in inches from the tip of the buckle to your favorite hole setting you can then find the code that matches the length using the chart below:

Once your belt order is placed – most belts will be hand cut to order within about 5 days or less. Some stitched belts can take a bit longer and depend on the current backlog of orders we are working through. That’s all there is to it!

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