When you need to carry gear on your belt such as a sheath, holster, mag pouch, or flashlight – the carry belts I offer below will serve you well. All are made in our small U.S. workshop customized and custom fit just for you. We guarantee the quality of our belts with our unique 100 Year Guarantee. All belts on this page feature Chicago Screws to hold the buckle – allowing for a secure and tight fit when carrying your gear.

All of our belts feature the highest grade U.S. Full-Grain Leather ( what’s that? )

1.5 Inch Width Single Layer

Cut from one thick and durable piece of the finest U.S. full-grain leather you have ever seen. Made for lighter duty carrying needs.

1.75 Inch Width Single Layer

A bit wider allowing for slightly more carry ability, the dense fibers in this type of leather resist stretch more than any belt you’ve ever owned.

Premium Lined Double Layer

For those that carry on a daily basis, or tend to carry heavier items, I recommend our premium lined belts. They can handle a lot and retain their integrity. Additionally there is an option for a reinforced core for those that need the most durable belt out there.

Reinforced Core Carry Belts

For the heaviest duty belt around, I offer both steel core and webbing core belts. They are surprisingly comfortable and prove themselves with the extreme ability to carry in the toughest conditions.

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