Shipping to the E.U. or U.K.

Due to increasingly complex, confusing and costly import tax laws we no longer ship directly into the European Union or U.K. However – there is another way to get your package delivered into your country. Many of our customers use a service in the U.S. called a ‘Package Forwarder’ (Google it for a list of options). You can easily set up an account with a forwarding service of your preference and have your package shipped to them using their instructions for entering the correct address and account number at checkout. Those companies then handle all VAT and import requirements directly and you would pay the duty directly to them. Usually all they require is that you email or upload your purchase receipt into your forwarding account.

That is all I know about those services, so any further questions you would have to ask directly to your own forwarding company of choice. Please note that we can only be responsible for packages until they are marked as delivered to the forwarding company, since we cannot take responsibility for lost or damaged items after that point.