Current Promotions

FREE WALLET with Purchase of a large bag

Here’s how it works: put any of the large bags in your cart from this page here. Then find the wallet you want / style / and color…. copy the web url of that page and paste it into the comment box at checkout along with your color and style choice. I will then make that wallet as part of your order and include it when the bag is shipped.

Look for the current sale items with Sale tags

Sometimes random items will go on sale in the shop – keep your eyes out for the little red ‘SALE’ tag that pops up on the image. Discounts range from 10% – 50% off sometimes.

Free Shipping in the U.S.

Mr. Lentz likes free shipping, so he’s giving it to you. Most smaller goods qualify for free shipping within the U.S. and international orders have discounted shipping rates.

Discounted International Shipping

All international orders pay only $8 for shipping on most items.

Earn Cowboy Cash

Create an account to earn Cowboy Cash to be used on your next purchase.

Coupons Galore

Mr. Lentz gives discounts/coupons for leaving a review after purchase, entering giveaways, being on the mailing list, and buying certain products in the shop. The more you stick around, the more you can get.