Cowboy Quality

A smart cowboy once said ‘Buy nice, or buy twice.’

All Mr. Lentz Leather Goods are built with Cowboy Quality. That means dependable, durable, hand-built with precision from the finest materials in the land. It means products that are built to last a long time(not just a year). The wallets, bags, and other leather accessories I make will not wear down quickly. The truth is, I have spent over a year sourcing the best possible materials that I can find to use in my handcrafted leather goods.


Full Grain Leather

My leather is Full-Grain Vegetable-Tanned (or Latigo for Pet Gear) from the best tannery in the U.S. (one of the originals running since the mid 1800’s). Full-Grain Vegetable Tanned leather is, in my opinion the best type of leather you can use for wallets, bags and accessories. It is the outermost layer of skin from the cow which happens to be the most tightly packed and durable. It’s what helps the cow weather storms, scratch against barbed wire fences, and trample through the thickest brush in the West. The leather may even have markings on it from these events, and show up as subtle scars and discolorations. Vegetable-Tanned means that the tannery uses a process to soften and preserve the hide using forms of tree-bark or ‘vegetable matter’. It is a longer process for the tannery and so the pricing of this type of leather is typically the highest in the industry. It’s important to know as well that leather is just a byproduct of the meat industry and no cows are ever taken just for the hide.

I think it is worthwhile to point out a little known fact about what people typically know as ‘Genuine Leather’. Buyer beware of this phrase. Genuine Leather is typically a fabricated type of material made from ground up leather scraps that have been rolled into sheets using injected glue. It’s a similar idea to making cardboard and in my opinion has a similar quality. Genuine Leather goods do not generally last long in the form of wallets or bags…but they are extremely cheap to make, and thus allow the consumer to buy a cheap wallet that has the appearance of leather. If you buy goods with ‘Genuine Leather’ be aware that it may not last long and you will be buying twice. I stay far away from this type of material and will never use any of it in my leather goods.

Solid Brass Hardware

The hardware I use is also the highest quality I can find. Most all of which is solid-brass, nickel plated (all Pet Gear uses Stainless Steel). This gives it anti-rusting properties as well as a great deal of durability. Long ago I chose to take the path of riveted goods, versus stitched. By riveting all of my wallets, bags and accessories I can proudly offer items that will live long into the future without the possibility of unraveling. In doing so I have had to design and prototype all of my creations. Everything in the shop is an original Mr. Lentz piece, so if you see anything out there that is similar it’s likely a copy. By creating all of my own goods from scratch I have had the opportunity to test them all over months of use before making them available in the shop for purchase. I stand behind my work and guarantee its quality and functionality.


Built from scratch, most items in my shop generally go through 15 stages to completion. This includes:

  • Hand dyeing with all-natural handmade dyes
  • Hand cutting and punching
  • Heat branded logo
  • Unique sequential number stamping
  • Personalization
  • Detailed edging and finishing
  • Oiling and waxing with my own hand-made natural leather conditioner
  • Hand assembly and riveting
  • Hammering into shape
  • Hand rubbing and polish

High Quality Care

Since my leather goods are made with an extreme amount of care and attention to detail I also like to stress that high quality goods deserve high quality care. Thus with every purchase I include a free tin of my own handmade leather conditioner: Mr. Lentz Leather Spiff N’ Shine. You can read more about how and when to apply it here. I make it in my workshop with the finest Extra Virgin Olive OIl, Filtered beeswax, and a few other secret natural ingredients.

I believe my leather goods are the best in the land, but I invite you to see for yourself. Quality goods made from the best materials all handcrafted here in my workshop in the good ol’ U.S. of A.