A smart cowboy once said ‘Buy nice, or buy twice.’

And a smart shopper is one that is well-informed. That’s exactly why I have put together this very comprehensive Quality Guide for you. I want you to know the “ins and outs” of how my leather goods are made and why they are built to last a long long time. You can navigate the guide using the side bar on the right (or navigation above for mobile).

I believe that the more you know about how each piece is built, with what materials, where its made, how to care for it, and even some well kept secrets…will help you in your decision making process.

All Mr. Lentz Leather Goods are built with Cowboy Quality. That means dependable, durable, and hand-built with some very serious attention to detail. It means products that are built to last a long time. The wallets, bags, and other leather accessories I make are designed specifically to resist the extreme amount of wear that leather products will see over a lifetime. I make wallets, bags and belts to last decades, not years.

I am about to reveal a whole lot of interesting facts for you… so read on, the journey begins here.

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