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Leather Moccasins Tutorial (Part 3 of 3)

It’s now time to complete the final steps in this 3 stage DIY Moccasins Tutorial.... Read More


Leather Moccasins Tutorial (Part 2 of 3)

In Part 1 of this tutorial, we did a lot of cutting, shaving, hole punching... Read More


How to Make Leather Moccasins (Part 1 of 3)

  This past Winter break, as the holiday leatherworking season was coming to a close,... Read More


A Look Back at 2017

I kind of like this time of year. The holiday order rush has dwindled, the... Read More

How to Make a Western Leather Holster

Consider this a practical and quick how-to guide on how to make a western style... Read More


How To Make A Leather Keychain

Every holiday season I like to put together a little DIY leather tutorial. This year... Read More


How to Photograph Stars in the Night Sky

Every few months or so I walk out into the desert with nothing but a... Read More

How to Condition A Leather Wallet

  I, Mr. Lentz, believe that high-quality leather deserves high-quality care. This is exactly why... Read More

How to make a bar stool DIY (Day 3)

  Well, it usually takes a day or two off to realize that you might... Read More

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How to make a bar stool DIY (Day 2)

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How to make a bar stool DIY (Day 1)

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Making a Whip (part 1)

Well, sometime about a year ago I decided I wanted to pick up a new... Read More

How to Build a Picnic Table

As September fades back and the rest of the country prepares for the cool and... Read More

How To Make a Small Drawer

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