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My Good Ear

God this music is awful. Seriously, my good ear is on the verge of collapse,... Read More

Sweden’s Locksmith

This is the owner of the house I decided to rent for the next several... Read More

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Sickness Suckness

Running at less than optimal health in a foreign land, just, plain, sucks. As a... Read More

Fireflies on the Beach

Fireflies on the beach, surf sessions with San Diego girls, dinner and drinks with a... Read More

My Prophet

With the storm getting ever closer, rain turned to downpour, and visibility weakened to 50... Read More

Surfing in its complexity

This is Fufo. He is a local of Playa Venao, Panama and has been surfing... Read More

Surf Update

After the brief rainstorm, the sun seems to be out in full scorching effect. The... Read More

A lot of Rain

And a little bit of brown sludge in the water. I went to sleep last... Read More

The Snowman is in Panama

“Hey man, you wan’ some cocaine?” “Thank you really, but getting chalked up wasn’t in... Read More

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The Inland Sea

Up by daybreak, I head west as far and as fast as the one lane... Read More


Through the desert

Day one. I am working my way through the deserts of southern Utah; a road... Read More

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A journey’s end, and another’s beginning

  The clouds have passed, the rain is gone, and now it’s time to travel... Read More


A Day of Sun

In the midst of Winter’s grasp I decided to take a short break from December’s... Read More


2011, ’twas Interesting

The Year of 2011 was a significant one for me. It was the year I... Read More