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Sum of the South

Eight months ago I left our beloved land of comfort and landed in a hot... Read More

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The United States of Phone Drones

The end of an 8 month journey through Latin America has finally come. I slipped... Read More


Bribery Schmibery

The sun came up, the key went in the ignition, and we were off driving... Read More

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Brazil I Will Miss You

Brazil for the tourist is too perfect. You feel like you are traveling through Europe.... Read More

Panama in the Dust

Two weeks ago I left Panama in the dust for the lovely Brazil. I am... Read More

Swimming in Poop

The neighbor seems to be pooping in the ocean. Something is cascading directly from their... Read More

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Three Haircuts in One Day

Part I: The Scythe The lady said to me, ” No, no. I will just... Read More


Stormy Tropics

Weathering a little stormy weather down here in Bocas, Panama.... Read More

In the Pacific, Onto the Caribbean

Several miles off Panama’s Pacific coast an impromptu photo shoot transpired between bikini clad model,... Read More


Quiet Please

Boquete, Panama – population 15,000. One would not imagine this tiny little town nestled on... Read More

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Please, Take Your Time

A local bus ride in Panama feels a lot like you just jumped on the... Read More

Heat Hot Heat

Panama is one steaming, sweaty, scorching sauna of a country. This last weekend I had... Read More

Monkey Wranglin’

Meet Jose Francisco Ruiz Arnaldo Castellano, self taught Monkey Wrangler. Born to Colombian parents and... Read More


Have you ever considered living without the convenience of free-flowing water? I can imagine that... Read More