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A Look Back at 2017

I kind of like this time of year. The holiday order rush has dwindled, the... Read More

Getting Out

For all the misery that a mosquito can cause, it sure can keep you in... Read More


A Quick Respite in Oregon

The July 4th weekend proved a great time to step out of the workshop and... Read More

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Salton Sea

Oh the desert, always revealing another surprise around every corner. You can walk through it... Read More

How to Photograph Stars in the Night Sky

Every few months or so I walk out into the desert with nothing but a... Read More

Wallet Selfies in the Woods

Wallets tend to travel as much as we do. I took mine on a quick... Read More

A Vast and Empty Space

The Desert is a vast and empty space, capable of absorbing all thought going in... Read More

A Week’s Journey: The Desert Part 1

Out there lies an endless desert. Stretching to the horizon. The air crisp and dry.... Read More

A Respite in the Desert

Every cowboy needs a few moments to collect his thoughts. So, this one went out... Read More


Back Into the Woods

  Last week I took a brief respite in my favorite woods. The Redwood forests... Read More


Land of Rain is a Land of Green

The storm arrived as soon as our plane touched down. It was 80 and sunny... Read More


Back From Portland

The greenness is stunning, almost disorienting. Especially after living in the stark Deserts of the... Read More

Taking a look back at 2013

A few weeks into the new year and it is time to take a look... Read More


Get Away and Think Big

A few weeks ago I left the hot and arid confines of the Southwest for... Read More