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Just a Deer Stopping By

Working in the leather workshop close to the forest also means I get a few... Read More

The Calming Effect of the Woods

One of the most incredible parts of moving the workshop up to the Pacific Northwest... Read More

A Look Back at 2017

I kind of like this time of year. The holiday order rush has dwindled, the... Read More

7 Tips on Finding the Best Leather Wallet

For seven years now I have been working with leather and creating rustic and durable... Read More

What is the best leather for a wallet?

When looking for a quality leather product such as a wallet, it’s important to have... Read More


Featured Seller Interview

Big news for this week – I am now an Etsy Featured Seller. It took... Read More

A Vast and Empty Space

The Desert is a vast and empty space, capable of absorbing all thought going in... Read More

A New Year, a New Horizon

Well yet another year has come and gone and instead of taking a look back... Read More

Always Learning, Always Experimenting

When making things by hand, I find that there’s always a challenge to overcome. Usually... Read More

How to Build a Picnic Table

As September fades back and the rest of the country prepares for the cool and... Read More

A Week’s Journey: The Desert Part 1

Out there lies an endless desert. Stretching to the horizon. The air crisp and dry.... Read More

Magazine Feature – Cake & Whiskey

The wonderfully crafted small business magazine Cake & Whiskey recently did a feature on my... Read More

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A Respite in the Desert

Every cowboy needs a few moments to collect his thoughts. So, this one went out... Read More


Working Leather The Old Fashioned Way

I prefer to work with leather the old fashioned way. Starting with a nice large... Read More