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New Passport Wallet and GIVEAWAY

UPDATE 9/12/15: WINNERS ANNOUNCED! Well – I picked 3 winners at random to select the... Read More


Wallet Selfies in the Woods

Wallets tend to travel as much as we do. I took mine on a quick... Read More

How to Condition A Leather Wallet

  I, Mr. Lentz, believe that high-quality leather deserves high-quality care. This is exactly why... Read More

Belted Briefcases…and a larger size

Well, the time has come to upgrade my line of briefcases. After several fans out... Read More

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A New Year, a New Horizon

Well yet another year has come and gone and instead of taking a look back... Read More

Happy Holidays from Mr. Lentz!

Happy Holidays to all y’all out there! Did you know that this cowboy does hereby... Read More

Always Learning, Always Experimenting

When making things by hand, I find that there’s always a challenge to overcome. Usually... Read More

Making a Whip (part 1)

Well, sometime about a year ago I decided I wanted to pick up a new... Read More

Branding By Hand

Branding each wallet by hand today. Every wallet gets placed under the branding iron, which... Read More

No More Jingling

See that? Your change will no longer annoy. A new design for the shop. Amazingly... Read More

Leather Belts

Well, almost a year after I first introduced them, then got overwhelmed by the holidays... Read More


Stamp it, brand it and give it away

A long while back when I first began makin leather goods, I took a look... Read More

Leather Toiletry Kit

It’s been a lot of fun building these – the most rugged and well-built toiletry... Read More

Leather Sunglass Case

Protect those shades in this summer heat! Thick Leather Sunglasses cases handmade per order.... Read More