Waiting on YKK Zippers

ykk zipper and design phase

ykk zipper and design phase

A quick update on my new Zip Wallet Design (found here). I am just about ready to make the first small batch next week. Just waiting on an order of YKK Excella zippers. YKK is probably the most well known brand of zippers in the world. They are a Japanese company but have a production plant here in the U.S. YKK zippers are usually found in most mid-range and high end bags and jackets because they are known for their reliability.

I decided to take the design of this Zippered wallet a step further by using the YKK ‘Excella’ line of zippers. It is their highest end line of zips. They feature more teeth per inch plus each is meticulously polished for a very smooth operation. All hardware that I use in the shop goes through a lot, and I mean a lot of research before I make the selection. It’s the main advantage of purchasing from a a small U.S. workshop like mine. It’s all in the details.

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