Evolution Of A Prototype

prototype evolution

prototype evolution

These past few months I have been completely engrossed in a new project for the shop. I am working on prototyping an entirely new card wallet design that goes a bit beyond my standard line. Enter…the zipper. Adding a zipper to an item as small as a card wallet proved to be quite the daunting task. This zipper doesn’t just fit squarely on a panel of leather. Nope, it curves around the edge of the wallet at a perpendicular angle. A complexity that has allowed me to develop new solutions that will end up becoming future products as well.

leather wallet prototypes

In creating this new Card Pocket Wallet brought me through several design iterations that each provided new solutions…and new problems to solve. Ultimately I landed on something fairly unique and a design that I think fits well with the rest of my leather goods options.

zippered card wallet prototype

This new leather Card Pocket Wallet features a type of zipper made by the famous YKK brand called Excella. Many wont know this unless you are in the world of designer goods – but Excella is their highest-end line of zippers. They feature almost twice the amount of teeth per inch and each is polished for a very perfect feeling action.

One of the other challenges in creating this new wallet was to feature an exterior and interior entirely of Full Grain Vegetable Tanned leather. The good stuff….well, actually the best stuff! I am not currently aware of any other card wallet that is made entirely of real quality leather like this…so it’s a first of its kind!  As of 3/9/22 this wallet is now up in the shop, you can click the button there to be placed on the waitlist for when the first few become available for purchase, probably within a few weeks.

2 thoughts on “Evolution Of A Prototype

  1. Keith Sinclair says:

    Hi Keith from Hawaii surfed most my life. Airbrushed surfboards in 1970’s. Had a good side ice carving business worked as a Chef.
    Just ordered snap bifold. Had regular bifold of yours excellent design. So ordered snap version. Now retired do some word carving & oil paintings.

    • Mr. Lentz says:

      Hi Keith – sounds like you’re living the good life! Thanks again for continuing to support my shop. ~Mr.Lentz

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