My Aged Belt

aged leather belt patina

aged leather belt patina

Here’s a decent example of how my leather belts age and become even more rich in color over time. The one on the top – I have been wearing almost every day for the past two years or so. The one on the bottom is brand-new in the Western Brown color option. These belts are cut from one piece of very thick U.S. full-grain leather. They are meant to last you a long long time.

Over time, as you handle the belt, it absorbs oils from your hands. The sun will shine down on it, and you will end up scraping it against other surfaces. All of these things contribute to the beautiful natural patina that will be unique to your own belt.

I cut these belts custom fit to your size and have a number of addon options to help enhance and make it truly yours. You can find this style of belt here.

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