Men’s Gift Guide for Father’s Day

cash section for trifold leather wallet

We are approaching one of the few holidays of the year that time and time again proves to be the hardest to shop for…Father’s Day. Yep – what do all those Dads out there really want? Another coffee mug? Nah. Grilling utensils? Nope. Golf stuff? Ha!

How about something handmade here in the U.S.A. that he will actually use on a day to day basis. A gift that will age and develop a patina with time. Something that not only looks good, but serves a good purpose that he’ll be thankful for. That’s where my large line of handmade leather goods comes in to save the day!

Best Men’s Gift Option #1

cash section for trifold leather wallet
Make sure to check out the newest design this year – the Trifold Snap Wallet shown above. It’s proven to be popular among men who need to carry quite a bit of cards and cash.

leather trifold wallet with snap closure
This design will hold the most out of all of my wallet designs – and it’s based on the classic Trifold of years past. I personally use it every day. Choose from three color options and an optional chain.

brown leather trifold wallet
Consider personalizing it with his initials or name, I’ll brand it into the center section – it’s a nice touch. You can find these Trifolds here.

What Every Man May Need

wearing a beer holster in brown leather
Ok, I know I said nope to grilling utensils, but does this really count? Keep Dad relaxed while he’s out there enjoying grilling up some grub with the sturdiest beer holster you’ll ever see. I make these using my extra thick belt leather. You can even have his name branded on that smaller front strap.

Last Minute Men’s Gift Ideas

lined leather belts
Maybe what he really needs is an extremely well crafted lined leather belt. Listen, if you think you know what a high end belt is…you need to get your hands on mine to compare. Not trying to pat myself on the back here, but it’s true. I know what’s out there and I’ve seen what the big name brands are touting as ‘fine leather’ belts. Mine are in a tier well beyond those. These are belts that he’ll still be wearing towards the end of his years here on earth.

brown leather lined belts made in the usa
They are made with the finest U.S. full grain leather from one of the only remaining tanneries left in the U.S. Two layers of the best leather you can get in the U.S. stitched with thread that is about 5 times thicker than the typical belt.

heavy duty lined belt
I sand, slick and wax the edges – polishing them to a glossy sheen. The buckles are all solid brass. It’s something that he will undoubtedly cherish forever. If you look around the site, there are several different types of belts available.

There are really too many items to suggest in this short email and since every man’s needs are different, I am going to point you to have a look around the site using this link here.

I want to thank you once again for considering to support my small U.S. workshop. It’s good people like you who keep small businesses like mine going strong (almost 10 years now!).

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