Making a Small Leather Work Bag

The Leather Work Bag is the smallest in my line of leather bags in the shop. In this video above I show a quick snippet of a few parts of the assembly process.

Why My Leather Bags are Unique

You will notice in the video above that I do not stitch the seams on this bag. In fact there aren’t any stitches in sight. Early on in my leather working career (going on 10 years now), I decided to create leather goods using a very unique and durable method not offered by other makers. Instead of stitching the seams, I rivet them in places with solid brass rivets. Solid brass is not known to fray like stitching. In fact solid brass rivets are so durable, that if I make a mistake and have to take one out – it can take several minutes of cutting and prying them loose. This is all to say that when you purchase a leather bag from my shop – it should hold together for the entirety of its lifetime. That’s not something a typical stitched bag can necessarily claim.

carrying mens leather work bag

In addition to the riveting, this leather bag as well as all of the others in my bag line are cut in a very unique way. The main body of the bag is actually one long continuous piece of leather. This is a bit taboo in the world of bag making for one reason only – it is just too costly for the manufacturer to pull off. It is very difficult to find a long piece of leather without any imperfections, but by using the highest grade of U.S. Full Grain leather – it can be much easier for me. By making the bag with the main body being one long continuous piece of leather – this allows for less seams which technically are the weakest point on a bag or any leather goods. Good quality leather is extremely strong, so the more of it you can have in one continuous piece – the better.

How Long Does it Take to Make a Bag?

The timing can vary piece to piece, but typically one full day of work is required to make a bag of this size. When you place an order I usually spread out all of the steps over a few days in order to fit it in to my making schedule during the week. Typically I can have a bag ready to ship one week after you place the order…not bad for a made to order purchase!

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