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patina on travel passport wallet

Travel Wallet Patina

Today’s customer photos are from Charles R. showing off the Travel Wallet we made him. His wallet is showing 11 months of use at this point and was originally purchased in the Sun Tanned Natural color. This wallet makes a good all around document, cash, cards and note taking wallet while on the go. I designed it to have interior facing card pockets, a snap closure, and fit your passport….or the included free Field Notes journal. This wallet also comes with the famous original Fisher Space Pen (made in the USA). Charles’ wallet is looking good and darkening at a nice slow and even pace. Just how full-grain quality leather should.

I make this wallet and many other designs in my small U.S. workshop on a per order basis. My designs feature the fact that no stitching is used, that means none to break! Instead I favor solid brass rivets and snaps to keep it all secure. Wallets see a lot of wear and you want yours lasting for years and years!

What is Patina?

Patina is the natural darkening of the leather fibers over time due to exposure to many different elements. The high quality leather I use on all of my leather goods will continue to darken over time. This is due to exposure to sunlight, absorption of oils from handling, rubbing in the pocket, sitting on various surfaces, scratches combining over time and much more. What typically happens is the leather will layer on many different shades, additionally it will become smoother and smoother generating a glossy polished look to the exterior. I have built up a library of hundreds of customer photos on many of the items I sell, make sure to check the ‘Customer Photos’ tab on each product page for more images.

When to Use This Travel Wallet

The travel wallet shown above is perfect for those that need a secure way to carry their travel documents and passport. You can actually fit two passports in it, one on each side if you do not also take the included Field Notes Journal. It snaps shut and you can also opt for a removable chain which can be handy in certain scenarios. It makes things slightly more difficult for those talented pickpockets.

Other Passport Wallet Options

If this wallet is a bit above and beyond for you, I do have a few other options on my Travel Wallet Page here. I make a very simple and slim Passport Wallet as well as a few other options for different scenarios. Keep in mind, these things can take a beating. They are made from U.S. full-grain leather which most people have never seen before. It’s the cream of the crop, the outermost layer of leather that contains the densest formation of leather fibers giving it the strength it is known for.

If you’d like this wallet made for yourself or a loved one, you can find it here: The Travel Wallet.

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