Customer Photo from Joseph K.

customer photo of notebook wallet

customer photo of notebook wallet

Today’s customer photo is from Joseph K. showing off the Notebook Wallet we made him – standing up to a blast of sparks from a day’s work of grinding metal. This wallet is fairly new at 2 months of use and you can see how the leather conforms to the contents within. It is already showing the first signs of patina development with a bit of darkening on the areas that see the most contact with hands and the pocket. Thanks for the photo Joseph!

notebook wallet

This wallet was designed for those that need to carry their thoughts with them. I include a small lined notebook and pen on one side, while the other can hold a bit of cash and a few cards. All built using the finest U.S. Full Grain leather and I rivet it all in place with solid brass rivets. It’s American durability at its best.

I make these wallets and a variety of others in my small U.S. workshop. Head on over and take a look at the entire selection here.

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