Customer Photo from Heather M.

customer wallet photo of aged leather

customer wallet photo of aged leather
Today’s Customer Photo is from Heather M. showing off the leather wallet we made them after 48 months of use. Looks like it’s enjoying life in quite a beautiful location too! Originally purchased in the Sun Tanned Natural color, you can see it is developing a nice history with a lot of stories to tell where it has been. The patina on this Full-Grain wallet (the Men’s Leather Wallet), is accumulating in different layers and it tends to combine over time to create a unique golden and rich brown with scars, markings, stains and scrapes.

Why Do Wallets Patina?

The beauty of these wallets is that they become more beautiful with age. It’s because I use the finest U.S. full-grain vegetable tanned leather available. Vegetable Tanned leather is known for it’s unique property of darkening over time. Most customers have not experienced this in the leather goods they have seen since 90% of mass produced leather is a cheaper variety called ‘chrome tanned’. With Vegetable tanned you can actually keep revitalizing the leather by applying leather conditioners and oils. If you treat it right – it will last a long long time. Why will my leather goods designs also last a long long time? I also rivet everything in place…so there’s no stitching to break!

Benefits of Owning a Mr. Lentz Wallet

Each wallet (as well as numerous other styles) is made on a per-order basis in my small U.S. workshop. They all come with a free tin of my shop-made natural leather conditioner and a 100 Year Guarantee. How’s that for American made? I stand behind everything I make here in the shop – it was all designed by myself and built to last a long time. To have a wallet made for yourself or a loved one check out all the options here. I can typically make them within about a week of you placing your order.

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