New Products – The Beer Holster, Belts and More

wearing a beer holster in brown leather

This past week I introduced a number of new products I have been working on in the shop. After a month or so of work and testing on each, they are ready to go. As always – the newest items in the shop can be found if you scroll down the homepage a bit at

The Beer Holster

wearing a beer holster in brown leather

wearing a black leather beer holster

beer holster for bottles or cans

First up is the Beer Holster – don’t be caught at your next BBQ without it. But seriously, why not – you’re out in the backyard cooking up a fine steak and need a free hand or two. Just place that brewski in this nice leather beer holster and you’re all set! It is built with my thick full grain belt leather, and riveted together – so you’ll know it’ll last the test of time. Available here in three color options.


The Roughout Belt Style

usa made rough out belt wearing a rough out belt durable roughout belt

The Rough Out Belt is a common style among the hardworking tradespeople of our country. It is basically a slight twist on my classic belt line, where I place the rougher inside facing outward. Basically it creates a fairly unique and rugged looking belt. Same durability and same patina characteristics, albeit a bit different than the other options. You can find this belt in two sizes on my belt listing page here.

New Lined Leather Belts

heavy duty lined belt brown dress belt with lining brown leather lined belts made in the usa lined leather belts

Double layer, lined leather belts are now up and available int he shop as of last week. They offer a bit more of a refined rugged look for those wanting the classic stitched belt, inner lining of full-grain U.S. leather, and a polished and waxed edge to spiff things up a bit. There are numerous options to configure on these belts, so you can customize away. You can find both new sizes on the belt page here too.


Simple Knot Keychain

leather knot keychain in brown knot on the knot keychain color options for leather knot keychains

Finally a simple keychain that I am calling the Simple Knot keychain. It’s a perfectly parallel cut strip of my highest grade U.S. full grain leather, tied in an overhand knot at one end around the key ring and tapered at the tips. All hardware is stainless steel. If you’d like to take a closer look, head on over to the listing here.

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