Weekly Customer Photo From Brooke F.

aged leather phone purse and patina on mens leather wallet

aged leather phone purse and patina on mens leather wallet

Today’s Customer photo is from Brooke F. showing off her small collection of Mr. Lentz Leather Goods. Looks like she’s got the Women’s Phone Clutch, Men’s (or women’s) Leather Wallet, and two of the simple belt loop keychains. All of these were originally purchased in the Western Brown and are at about the 17 month point in their usage.

Interestingly they are all developing almost the exact same patina. Usually different items will darken and age at different rates depending on how often you use them and what they are exposed to. The reddish brown seen here will continue into an even richer and darker brown as they age. That’s the beauty of using the highest grade U.S. Full Grain Leather. Only the Vegetable Tanned variety will patina to this extent. These leather goods are some of the few items one may possess where they just keep looking nicer and nicer over time.

I make a wide selection of wallets, bags, belts and more in my small U.S. workshop. Everything is built on a per order basis and comes with my 100 Year Guarantee.

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