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patina on leather wallet

patina on leather wallet
Looks like I had some catching up to do with my featured customer photos, so here’s 2 for this week (I’m still behind by about 25 though! You can view a lot more on this page here. ) This Customer photo is from Gary L. showing off his Men’s Leather Wallet I built him after 7 months of use. Originally the Western Brown color, it has really darkened significantly and shows that each wallet will patina at different rates depending on how often you handle it and what it comes into contact with.

My full-grain leather goods will all age with beauty and develop richer and darker colors over time. On this wallet you can see the natural grain pattern showing through. My wallets are built to withstand tough daily use, I use solid brass rivets instead of stitching so there’s basically nothing to break! This wallet has numerous options and upgrades according to your taste in how you like to carry. Thanks for the photo Gary! If you’d like this wallet built for yourself or a loved one, you can check it out here.

aged leather wallet
And this customer photo is from Sanford K. also showing off their Men’s Leather Wallet after 20 months of use. Originally purchased in the Sun Tanned Natural color, the patina that has developed has darkened it closer to my Western Brown color. This wallet is well taken care of, it is interesting to see the range of customer photos I receive. Even from customers that scrape up their wallets much more than this – the leather holds up extremely well. (If you want to see an extreme case of this, see this post about a wallet saving my customer’s arse!) That’s due to all of my goods having been made from the highest grade U.S. Full Grain Leather. It’s strong and in this case it will keep you from re-purchasing wallets over and over as years pass. Another key part of the longevity is the solid brass rivets I use to hold it all together. They simply don’t break like stitching tends to when exposed to abrasive forces. Thanks for the photo Sanford!

I make all of my wallet designs on a per order basis and it takes me about a week or less to build out your wallet style and ship off to you.

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