Durable Belts Made in America

cutting leather belt straps in my small US workshop

In my small U.S. workshop I make thick full-grain belts that will likely outlast the customer. In the video above I am starting the process by laying out the hides and cutting the raw straps. Most styles are one piece and built with removable solid brass buckles.

Each one comes with a 100 Year Guarantee and a small tin of shop-made leather conditioner to keep your belt going strong. They are truly more durable than any belt you may have used before. I custom cut each one to size after you place the order, and the backside will have the edges beveled for a comfortable fit.

Each belt will develop a rich patina the more you use it, just like a good pair of leather shoes. If you are looking to purchase a belt that may end up being the last you’ll ever need, head on over to the Belt category page and choose the one that fits your style.

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