Leather Wallet Saves Customer’s Ass

wallet saves motorcycle rider from severe road rash

The other day I received a very interesting email from a customer. Apparently my Full Grain leather wallets are good for much more than holding cash…in the case of Owen M. they can literally save your ass. In his words:

“Your product literally saved my ass i got in a motorcycle accident last Wednesday and the only thing that saved me from getting road rash on my butt was your handmade wallet.”

This would be the Men’s Leather Wallet – with 6 total layers of the finest U.S. Full Grain leather, I guess it is pretty tough! I am glad you are ok Owen, and thank you for sharing the story! I think you deserve a free wallet replacement and I’ll be in touch.
wallet saves motorcycle rider from severe road rash

wallet saves ass of motorcycle rider

full grain leather saves riders butt

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