Working on a Few Holster Prototypes

stitched leather gun holster

The past few weeks I have been hunkered down in the shop working on a few new holster prototypes. As it turns out – there’s a lot to the process and probably close to 50 different steps to build one the right way. Ultimately these prototypes will end up being available for purchase in the shop, but not until every last part of ’em are tweaked and made just right. Here are a few short videos of a couple of steps in the process.

Above, I am sanding the edge flush, beveling it, stitching and prepping to wet-form the holster.

Below, a little more beveling and some real-time speed on the heavy duty stitcher meant for extremely thick leather.

If you would like to see the current holsters I make in the shop, and possibly buy one for yourself – check out all holster options here.

Have a good week!

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