Customer Photo Roundup

Every week I post a few of my customers’ photos of their Mr. Lentz Leather goods. Here are the latest:

This customer photo is from RJ M. and he’s holding up a wallet that survived 52 months (yes months!) of use. Originally in the Sun Tanned Natural color, it has patina’d into a very rich and dark brown. RJ – looks like you are taking good care of your wallet – though it looks well used, it barely has a scratch on it. For those not used to my style of wallets – you will notice that there aren’t any broken threads, because there aren’t any threads to break! These wallets will just keep truckin along if you treat them right, which includes a minimal amount of oiling every 6 months with the free tin I include with each purchase. Thank you for the nice photo RJ! You can find this wallet here. 

patina on mens leather wallet

Today’s Customer photo is by Sean K. and wow, what a great looking patina on that 20 month old wallet! This full grain leather really ages beautifully and you captured it nicely. All wallets in my shop are made with this leather and you can watch them change and age over time depending on how you use them. Thanks Sean! You can find this wallet here.

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