Customer Photo Roundup

Every week I post a few of my customers’ photos of their Mr. Lentz Leather goods. Here are the latest:

Today’s customer photo is from Camille Q and I am now wondering what that large animal is next to his 12 month old wallet! Mountain lion perhaps? Anyhow – looks like his Biker Wallet is breaking in just fine with a nice darkening of the edges and great overall patina development. The chain is detachable on all of my wallet designs, so if you feel like lightening up you can easily remove it. This wallet is made right here in my small U.S. workshop using solid brass snaps and rivets. It’s built to last a long time. Thanks for the photo Camille! You can see this wallet and more here.

Today’s customer photo is from Ari O. showing off his Trucker Wallet after about a month of use. It looks like he is using his own chain attached to the ‘Grommet only’ option I install on this wallet. I love the lighting and interesting background. You can see the beginnings of a nice burnish on the edges that receive the most rubbing. All of these wallets are made in my small U.S. workshop on a per order basis. Thanks for the photo Ari! If you’d like one made for you or a friend head on over here.

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