Weekly Customer Photo Roundup

Every week I post a few of my customers’ photos of their Mr. Lentz Leather goods. Here are the latest:

Today’s customer photo is from John M. after 24 months of use of his Leather Belt. Originally in Tan, it is showing that unique golden patina that develops from wearing it over time. It will continue to darken and absorb its surroundings creating a rich dark brown…pretty fun to watch happen. Thanks again John for the nice shot!

Today’s Customer photo is from Christopher E. showing off how his wallet has patina’d over 52 months of use! Wow, what an awesome before and after shot, this wallet was originally the Sun Tanned Natural color. The leather I use for these wallets is Full Grain Vegetable Tanned, and they absorb light, oils, scratches, pocket rubbing, and more – helping to age them into something of beauty. It looks like you’ve been taking good care of your wallet with a few coats of conditioner once in a while. I give a free tin of it out with every order. Thank you for the photo Christopher! Find this wallet here.

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