New Travel Wallet Available

field notes with travel wallet and Fisher Space pen

field notes with travel wallet and Fisher Space pen

I just finished the design for this new secure Travel Wallet. As an added bonus, it comes with the world renowned U.S.A. made Fisher Space Pen (used by NASA), as well as the Field Notes Journal. This new passport wallet will hold up to 2 passports without the journal, plus all of your credit cards and a bit of cash. You may even have room to store other travel documents in there such as plane tickets.

Some of the new features on this wallet include the ability to add an optional chain. This makes sure that wallet stays in your bag, clipped into place. Also – the wallet is made to entirely enclose the interior contents, and snaps shut. Nothing will fall out!travel passport wallet

Above is a good view of how the wallet can be organized for travel – the Field Notes journal on the left, handy for travel notes, phone numbers and addresses. A passport on the right. Your credit cards on each side and the Fisher Space Pen in the middle. Did you know that the Fisher Space Pen was designed to work in any environment, specifically for NASA astronauts? The ink cartridge is pressurized to help make sure it will write constantly, even upside wallet with fisher space pen

The pen tucks neatly into punched holes in the center of the wallet.document wallet in tan

This Travel Document Wallet is available in three colors, all of which develop a rich patina over time.

leather conditioner with travel wallet

Each wallet will come with my in-shop made all-natural leather conditioner. You can apply it once or twice a year depending on how often the wallet is used.document wallet with fisher space pen and field notes

I make each on a per-order basis using the finest U.S. Full Grain leather and solid brass hardware. To get yours made today, you can place an order here.

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