Customer Photo Roundup

Every week I post a few of my customers’ photos of their Mr. Lentz Leather goods. Here are the latest:

Today’s Customer photo is from Nathan G. Looks like his wallet was enjoying a trip to Mexico, in the town of San Carlos. Lucky wallet! Showing a patina after 12 months of use and originally in the Tan color. Seems like that wallet has gotten a bit of sun! The Vegetable Tanned leather I use will soak up the suns rays and further darken the coloration. This process speeds up South of the border due to the intensity of the sun’s rays. Great shot Nathan, and thanks for the photo! You can find that wallet here.

Today’s Customer Photo is from Chris C. showing off 12 months of use of his Tan Biker Wallet. He’s got the leather belt loop chain option which is also showing a nice patina. This wallet originally starts out as a nice pale tan color as seen in the other images from my shop if you scroll through. Over time, as the sun hits it, as hands handle it, as it rubs in the pocket and sits on countertops – it darkens and develops a rich and unique patina specific to the user. That’s not something you get to see in most store bought wallets, so it’s worth pointing out! If you need a wallet handmade for yourself or a friend or family member, head on over to this wallet’s page here. Have a good week!

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