New Product – Trucker Wallet

leather trucker wallet with stainless steel chain

leather trucker wallet with stainless steel chain

The newest addition to the shop is the Trucker Wallet. Made as a long form wallet to store cash without folding. It can hold quite a bit of cash too and many credit cards and IDs. interior of trucker wallet

Built with two interior dividers, giving a total of three sections to separate cash cards and any other items such as receipts. The first section has two dedicated credit card slots that can comfortably hold 10 cards, 5 in each (more if you allow the leather to stretch, just note that it wont go back!). The section behind that is full length and can be used to store more cards, or cash and receipts. cash section of handmade trucker wallet

Finally the last section was built specifically for cash in that the top rivet does not attach to it, thus allowing for it to open wider for easy access.  trucker wallet with free conditioner

Each Leather Trucker wallet comes with a free tin of my in-shop made leather conditioner. If you need some tips on how and when to apply check out this page trucker wallet with stainless steel chain

Available in three color options and 5 total chain choices. Above is the Stainless Steel chain, though if you have your own chain…there’s an option for that too (Chain E).black long wallet with leather chain

We also make out own leather chains which match the wallet. It’s a nice touch and certainly very durable too.handmade trucker wallet in tan with leather chain

Above is the Sun Tanned Natural with Leather Chain option C.brown trucker wallet with leather chain

handmade leather trucker wallet

Typically this wallet is worn in the back pocket and will stick out slightly. The chain will attach to a belt loop, or directly to the belt if you choose Chain option D. I also sell belt loop addons to help connect the other chains to your belt here.

If you need to carry quite a bit of cash and cards, this Trucker wallet is your solution. Feel free to reach out with any questions as I am happy to help!

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