Durable Leatherman Sheaths Now Available

durable leatherman sheaths multitool sheath knife case pouch

brown leatherman multi tool sheath with locking snap

Just added to the shop is this extremely durable Leatherman sheath. We build them to custom fit a wide variety of leatherman multi tools, so if you own one go check out the listing to see if yours will fit: Leatherman Sheath. These sheaths are made to last as long as the tool it is carrying. A fully riveted build along with U.S. Full Grain leather, it makes for quite the upgrade to the standard stock sheaths that come with the tool itself. Shown above is the Western Brown color with a locking button snap. The locking snap will only open when pulled from below – making it a secure way to carry your leatherman multi tool and prevent unwanted openings.

back f leatherman sheath belt loop

On the back side is the built -in belt loop that will easily fit belts 1 3/4″ wide. Stamped on there is our signature, unique and sequential number, as well as the branded logo. You can personalize yours as well with a name or initials branded above the numbers.leatherman multi tool sheath color options

With three total leather color options to choose from, you can match your belt if you choose.leatherman multi tool sheath hardware finish options

As a bonus, we now offer the customization of your hardware finish. All hardware is a base of solid brass, and the rivets will match your choice.leatherman multi tool sheath in brown

Designed for a snug fit on all leatherman models shown on the listing page.black leatherman multi tool sheath with black finish

One of my favorites is the Desert Night Dark Leather with a Black Hardware finish. It blends right in to a black leather belt. open black multi tool sheath

If you like what you see and want to check them out in the shop, go to our regular Leatherman Sheath page here.

Multi Tool Sheath in brown

When designing the regular sheath I also wanted to create a style where the button was on the side and out of the way. This slim version called The Deluxe Leatherman Sheath prevents the sheath from popping open when you brush against tables, bags, etc.interior leather multi tool sheath

The interior is lined in a way so that your tool will not contact the hardware.deluxe multi tool sheath with leatherman

Built for a nice snug fit around your Leatherman Multi Tool.multi tool sheath options

I also offer this style in three color options and 4 hardware finish options.

multi tool sheath with brass finish

black leather multi tool sheath

leather conditioner with multi tool sheath

As with all of our fine leather goods products, we ship it with a free tin of our in-house made natural leather conditioner. Any leather item worth it’s weight should come with a bit of conditioner like this to help keep the leather in good shape for the many many years to come. If you’d like to check out this sheath in the shop head on over to the Deluxe Leatherman Sheath page.

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