Designing New Leather Goods

leather goods design

leather goods design
This week, last week, the week before…and for the next several weeks I am spending my free time in the workshop designing several new goods. I have some plans for the ladies out there to help you carry a bit more … in a bit more organized fashion. As for you dudes, don’t worry – a few new upgrades and several new styles are on the way. Throughout the year I collect requests from my customers for solutions to their carrying needs. It’s tough to stop everything going on in the shop just for one special order – so I typically wait until this time of year to do it.

I’ve got a “need to prototype” list about 65 items long! What many may not realize is that even just on one simple small leather wallet – it can take up to a full week (40 hours) of work to get things just the way they need to be. I then test the items out for a while, or hand them on to friends to break in and offer advice. Typically it’s back to the prototyping stage from there for final tweaks. So – that’s the reason why I sure ain’t gettin’ through all 65 items this year, or next – for that matter. I should have two designs ready for sale in the shop in another week, and a few more in a week or so after. Stay tuned!

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