Honing Clicker Knives

curved clicker knife sharpening

Today in the workshop I am learning to use a curved clicker knife on some thicker vegetable tanned leather. I have been using disposable razor blades for a while now, but you just can’t cut into the tight curves with them the way I need to. This clicker knife makes it somewhat easy…once you sharpen it up nicely. Different than a straight blade – you need to use a curved surface to sharpen the curved blade. You can also use the very edge corner of your sharpening stone if you don’t have a curved honer.

In the photo above I am using a diamond honing tool. It has a very fine grit to it and is nicely curved for the smaller knives and other cutting tools. A few swipes on both sides with this tool at the end of the day will keep it in great shape. Stropping it too can have a similar effect and some say you can get away with doing just that on most days – with sharpening once a week or so in between.

Sharpening tools is somewhat of an art form in itself and it is something I have put off learning for too long! So here goes…

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